Linux on a HP Pavilion ze1115

Summary of key components


I bought a HP Pavilion ze1115, that came with WinXP-Home, I wanted to use Linux on it.

Here is my posting for others who want to use the same laptop.

I Started by removing the existing partitions and starting from scratch. Then installed RHFC-2 using the bootable DVD I got from budget linux CD's, also there is the ISO which can be downloaded from

X / Video

The video board is an S3 Pro savage KN133, AGP4X. It works with the XFree86, Xorg, uses to savage4 driver.

The screen is 1024x768 pixels.


The sound card is VIA 82C686A/B rev40,

It is set up during install. There is no need to set up your sound card anymore unless you are hacking your kernel.

Integrated Network Card

The NIC works perfectly. Its VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6102 [Rhine-II] (rev51) .


Based on the Intel 537 (AC97 Modem) rev20, chipset 56k v.90 ( win-modem ). I have tried the drivers for this from website link. It dialed after compiling the wrapper and setting the right com port. I used it for several minutes then it dropped the line and I had to re-dail, and it would drop me after only a few minutes online. I think this is might be because it is only a try before you buy version, overall I would buy this if I was more secure in it working more consistenly. I'm using a Xircom CEM56 PCMCIA card because it works, stable and fast. But, if you want to try, you can click on the link above or go to and see if anyone else found/wrote a driver to make it work.

Advanced Power Management ( APM / ACPI)

 ACPI is enabled by default but you can turn it off in the kernel.  Suspend and Standby work, Power-down works to.

Extra keys

 I used a combination of x-bindkeys and keyTouch and made my own config. I have gotten only the email,browser and help buttons configured. I am still working on the function keys: volume,brightness,key lock. I'm using xev to map the key assignments and the keytouch config file as an example for my config file.


The Linux Laptop page was very useful. It lists several other similar models, and those pages proved helpful.


I'm using a wireless cardbus adapter MN720 with the NdisWrapper you'll need to boot the computer without the card in it and then open a command console as super-user, modprobe then put in the card and it works perfectly.

Posted: 9/05/04   Updated: 4/20/05
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