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Welcome to Triadmonkey Linux
"Supporting the open source movement."

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ere at TriadMonkey Group we use GNU Linux, our servers are linux and freeBSD. We support the open source movement and often contribute our teams various skills.

We are still Microsoft certified partner and will provide services and support based on Windows and MS software.

Soon on this site will be links and help to start you on your way to a free computing experience.

This site was made with a combination of tools.

IBM WebSphere Linux version, ( I don't think this is still actively developed) but you can still get it. It is a ported version that uses its own wine (wine is not an emulator ) binaries .

Nvu ( pronounced N-view ), a wysiwyg editor comparable to Dreamweaver, FrontPage ect: developed from Mozilla's composer
under the GPL.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor, For pure html syntax editing only, it has a button to link to your browser to preview only not edit.   

FireFox web browser, "Take back the web" , FireFox is a stand alone web browser that can be customized with various themes and extensions.

is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.


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